Samantar Season 2 release date Update

Samantar Season 2 release date Update

Samantar is a mystery mini web series that was released in early 2020. This web series was directed by Satish Rajwade and the series was originally made in Marathi language but you can also watch it in Hindi. You will get to watch the first season of the Samantar web series for free on MX player.

Now let's talk about Samantar Season 2 update. Now to go about season 2, you have to know that the first season of this web series did not finish its story and that is why season 2 of this web series was also coming.

Speaking of season 2 of the Samantar web series, its shooting started in November 2020 and so far more than half of the series has been shot. By the way, you would have seen this series only in December 2020, but due to the situation going on all over the world, the shooting of this web series was delayed.

According to the update of Samantar Season 2, the shooting of this series will be finished in 2020 and you will see this web series around March or 20 April of 2021. Now it can not be said for sure when Samantar season 2 will be released, but according to the news, you can see this series in March and April.

You can watch Samantar Season 2 for free on MX player.

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